Meet the Coaches

Our Coaching Philosophy

The vision of the coaching staff is to foster a welcoming environment that will promote growth, confidence and empowerment that develops the player on and off the field. On the field we want to provide the team with a high level basics, game IQ and knowledge base that would allow them to reach their rugby goals in HS and future endeavors. We want to create a family environment that will encourage players to support and empower to one another as the competitive team culture strengthens through the process. 

The Penn Girls Rugby coaches are all volunteers. While the club budget includes coach registration and certification for each season, the coaching staff all work full time at other jobs and use our free time to coach and organize the team. Some of the coaches also have additional commitments, such as school, playing in adult leagues, relationships, family, etc. We do our best to deliver high quality and timely communication to players and parents; however, there are times when our outside lives must be made a priority so that we can continue to put our best feet forward for the players.

Kasey Feil, Head Coach

Coach Kasey has been around rugby since she was a sophomore in high school. She herself played at Penn and attended the University of Dayton to play on the women's college rugby team. After college, Coach Kasey came back to help assist with the girls' team in Fall of 2017. She took over as head coach in Fall 2021. When playing rugby in high school, she preferred Fullback, and in college, she was placed as Flyhalf due to her ability to kick and her strong voice. Now that she has played in multiple positions, she prefers to play as Lock when given the opportunity. Yes! She does still play when she has the chance. Lastly, when Kasey is not coaching or playing rugby, she is hanging out with her husband, who is also named Casey. She also enjoys working out at her CrossFit gym.

Spencer Mazur, Assistant Coach

Coach Spencer started coaching with Penn Girls Rugby in Fall 2021. He first played on the boys' team '07-'08 when he was a student at Penn High School and then went on to play during his time in the Navy. He was a candidate for the All-Navy team. Spencer moved back to the Michiana area to be closer to family and had a drive to coach and pass his experience on to a younger generation. He also currently plays Hook and is Vice President on the Michiana Men's team. The players on his team and at PGR know him for always encouraging them to "Be better."

Corrin Adamo, Assistant Coach

Coach Corrin was introduced to rugby in 2018 as a Junior at Penn. Within her two years of playing, she developed a strong love for the game. She played as a forward and was a Prop in the scrum. Being a forward was her favorite because she had the power and drive to get possession of the ball, enjoyed being the first in a hard attack, and was able to use her hefty voice. Being in a forward position is similar to being a first responder, and it teaches leadership and devotion. When Corrin isn't coaching, she enjoys going to concerts with her friends, coaching softball, working out, and playing fetch with her kitty, Diesel!

Interested in Coaching?

Penn Girls Rugby is always looking for more help instructing our team! Hands on training and instruction on how to get your certification will be provided by our experienced coaching team. Send us an email if you are interested in learning more!

Previous players are also always welcome to come practice with the current team. We just ask that you please let us know if you are planning to drop by, even if it's the day of. Show those kids you haven't lost your stuff!